Wir sind engagiert (We are committed)

Wir sind engagiert

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Essayistic storyboard for speech, A4, 173 pages, 2010


[…] We are committed to those who try to free themselves from terror and violence, and if they are left with another measure than the one of war, then we are in favour of their war, and are against those, who escalate their terror. One has to walk back on the paths of history, develop the primal forces of the nation. The weapon human. […]
Extract of the text

[…] The text is a sampling of historical combat speeches from the Third Reich, the German Autumn and September 11, 2001. The artist draws a line through these three timephases, talks about the corresponding influences and consequences and addresses repetitions in history. […]
Extract of Text by Alexandra Blättler, 2010