We are committed – reading rehearsal for a speech

Installation with audio in space + projection of subtitels, 2015
Studioperformance audiotext 30 min., loop, studioperformance-text spoken by: Fiamma Camesi / Text recording and mastering: Ravi Vaid, Studio LIFT, 2010 / essayistic subtitels from storyboard text 173 pages, projection 2010/2015

We are committed - Reading rehearsal for a speech

[…] Nicole Biermaier is concerned with language as a tool. Although she employs theatrical devices, her source materials are not fiction, but historical texts where language is in extremis. Biermaier’s 2010 work Vor dem grossen Auftritt (Before the Grand Entrance) creates a dramatic staging for a text that combines extracts from speeches given in Germany during the Third Reich, the German Autumn of the late 1970s, and more recent responses to the attacks of 9/11. The sources cannot easily be differentiated, while as an ensemble they make for a heady mix of empathy, flattery, denunciation, and provocation, with phrases such as “self-sacrifice”, “contempt for death”, and “every struggle must be a struggle for the masses!”. Recurrent motifs include conviction of innocence, the identification of enemies, and belief in one’s right, even duty, to resist aggressors. […] Extract of text by Aoife Rosenmeyer, 2013

[…] The voice from the off reads out a call to battle against the imperialistic powers which eventually refers to God as the creator of the nation. More than eight hours of audio material – in which an actress rehearses the text written by Nicole Biermaier in a recording studio – has been collected for the work. The text is a sampling of historical combat speeches from the Third Reich, the German Autumn and September 11, 2001. The artist draws a line through these three timephases, talks about the corresponding influences and consequences and addresses repetitions in history. Nicole Biermaier reduced the 8 hours of rehearsal to one hour. By revealing the textual work by the actress, she distances herself consciously from the text material: In addition to the serious presentation, also slips of the tongue, laughs and comments can be heard. […] Extract of Text by Alexandra Blättler, 2010