Ein Gedanke an Widerstand – Das Hinterzimmer (A Thought on Resistance – The Backroom)

Ein Gedanke an Widerstand – Das Hinterzimmer (A Thought on Resistance – The Backroom)Dune_farbkorr_klein

Installation, 2011, small-scale landscape photography from the photo album „war memories“ of my grandfather 1939-44, audioplay, loop 10 min., text spoken by: Anna-Katharina Müller, text recording and mastering: Marcel Vaid, Studio LIFT

[…] Indeed! Now, I sit here and write the words that I should have spread. In silence. Now it is too late, it is silent. No revolution! We bravely continue to fight against the external enemy. Against the enemy inside, which torments and hits us, against him, we can not fight with weapons. Only tenacious, tough perseverance! Now, I sit here and today I know: this is what I should have said. Indeed. But to whom should I have said this? When the nation, in its deepest essence, is corrupt. What more can be said? Me too, I waited until the other starts. […]
Extract from audio text

Source material of the audio text is the photo album ‘War memories’, which exclusively contains small-scale pictures of landscapes taken during the years 1939 – 1943. The short audio text is about powerlessness and regret about having followed the strong social pull of the Third Reich. In the repetitive text, which changes its form through the constant and continual speaking of the actress, the distance to the memory of the conversation is reflected. But it also empathises the ambiguity and remorse of the protagonist.