Ein Gedanke an Aufstand – Das Haus (A Thought of Uprising – The House) I

Ein Gedanke an Aufstand – Das Haus (A Thought of Uprising – The house)






Installation 2011, wooden table, 5 white garden chairs, 70 white curtains, 2 spotlights
Audiotext, loop 10min., text spoken by: Susanne-Marie Wrage / Text recording and mastering: Marcel Vaid, Studio LIFT

 A travelling audioplay for various settings
[…] There is a stove with twelve flames in all kind of sizes and kitchen cupboards with yellow doors and a plethora of china and crystal crockery. There is one long plate on which an entire fish can be served. What may have happened to this plate? This memory is my reality. She says and gazes at the crowds of people who are passing by the window. This house, which I have never entered or lived in, but which I know by heart is full with my memories that I do not have, but that are my reality. This house which I have never entered is my homeland. She says. […]
Extract from audio text

„Revolutions are not caused. They arise from the unsatisfied need for justice.“ Nicole Biermaier (*1971) uses spoken text for a space-consuming installation in the Kunstétage in order to illustrate the topics of power, violence and manipulation dominating her work. The artist reinterpreted the self-conducted interview with a Palestinian. She reproduces her memories of the story the woman told who tried to enter the country of origin of her parents. In the audio text, a house represents a universal topic. Detached from the context of the Israel Palestine conflict, it generally stands for an individual’s origin or belonging. The detailled descriptions of the protection of the home are contrasts to the gloomy undertone of the conversation. But exactly these two opposite poles define the need and the search for a homeland associated with it. Visitors find themselves in a stage-like installation. Meanwhile, the Kunstétage serves as a space that does not have a clear location. A space that could be anywhere and in which the form of an interrogation blends with a staging of an inner world.
Text by Susanne König, 2011