Videonight at Cité International des Arts Paris

Screening: 22. April 2015, 19.30h – Auditorium


With works from: Gogcen Dilek Acay, Camille Ayme, Denis Beuret, Nicole Biermaier, Françoise Caraco, Thomas Couderc, Sarah Dugan, Sharhzad Fathi, Chris Hunter, Tamami Iinuma, Moritz Krauth, Sophie Krier, Goldschmied & Chiari, Alice Guareschi, Julie Guillaume, Heather MacKenzie, Vivien Mason, Annelore Schneider, Jeremy Tate, Ronny Trocker

We are committed - Reading rehearsal for a speech

Nicole Biermaier
We are committed – Text draft for speech
Collage of text video, 10′
The text combines extracts from speeches given in Germany during the Third Reich, the German Autumn of the late 1970s, and more recent responses to the attacks of 9/11. The sources cannot easily be differentiated, while as an ensemble they make for a heady mix of empathy, flattery, denunciation, and provocation, with phrases such as “self-sacrifice”, “contempt for death”, and “every struggle must be a struggle for the masses!”. Recurrent motifs include conviction of innocence, the identification of enemies, and belief in one’s right, even duty, to resist aggressors.

Text sources: Youtube + Google
Adolf Hitler, Inauguration Speech, party convention Nürenberg 1934
Andreas Baader, Red Army Fraction RAF, Stadtguerilla und Klassenkampf 1972
Holger Meins, Red Army Fraction RAF, Lets talk about ourselves 1977
Usama bin Laden, Videomessage (assumed) on the occasion of 9/11 2001