„À la recherche d‘objets trouvés d‘un temps continu“

Zürich Art Pool
Wamidh Al-Ameri, Nicole Biermaier and Julia Sheppard


Early on Sunday December 22nd, armed with a pickaxe, a shovel and other necessary digging implements, the ZAP team proceeded to search the Kantonschule Wolfbach grounds for suspected buried treasures.
Having spent time working in their art studio situated right there on the future site of the Kunsthaus Annex, they were compelled to find out more about the history of this geographical site in this cultural and academic district of Zurich.
Their findings lead them to explore the site in closer detail. Upon such close inspection, areas of the eroded ground revealed exciting and promising hints at a previously undocumented treasure trove of works of art lying beneath the earth. They took it upon themselves to analyse the first findings which then lead them to embark upon the beginnings of a rewarding archeological survey of the area. As of yet, they have uncovered the works of 29 Swiss and international artists. The art photographer Jon Etter was called in to document the dig and to methodically photograph each piece as it was unearthed and later processed in their laboratory.

List of artists’ found pieces: Wathiq Al-Ameri, Salik Ansari, Fork Burke, Dionys Dammann, Bianca Dugaro, Esther Eppstein, Ali Al-Fatlawi, Chri Frautschi, Aglaia Haritz, Marco Nicolas Heinzen, Henrik Hentschel, Hanieh Jahangiri, Julia Kählin, Marinka Limat, Stefan Meier, David Morrison, Settar Naama, Stefan Nafzger, Koho Mori-Newton, Künstler, Christopher Overing, Cora Piantoni, Maria Pomiansky, Delphine Chapuis Schmitz, Franziska Silva, Jeroen Singer und Marie-Luise Lang, Mareike Stapelholz, U5, Koorder