FFF – Fergangenheit, Fake, Fiktion – Corner College Zurich








Solo Exhibition together with Françoise Caraco

In Fergangenheit, Fake, Fiktion (Foretime, Fake, Fiction), Nicole Biermaier and Françoise Caraco deal with the life stories of their grandfathers in their newly realised works for the exhibition. The immersion into their personal family story is a gesture of opening up for the artists: it causes the two to reconstruct and reflect the public and political circumstances of a past time. In her work «An image of ignorance», Nicole Biermaier uses the memory of her grandfather’s story to come to grips with the historical events of National Socialism. In her work «Family pictures», Françoise Caraco creates an attempted arrangement and addresses the boundaries of familiar and social affiliation. She uses portraits and information fragments from letters between 1904 and 1941, which her grandfather son of a Sephardic Jewish immigrant from Istanbul, had kept.

With these two works, the two artists actively participate in the current debate about the connection of art, history and writing of history by the means of interviews and their work in archives. In her work «An image of ignorance» for instance, Biermaier is interested in the aspect of creation of myth in the orally transmitted history. Through the audio text, she addresses the question of truth content, reliability and the potential of manipulation of oral transmission. With the picture «In the flat land», she furthermore introduces a meta level which aims to make the audience reflect on the idea of documentary forms.










Ein Bild vom Wegsehen / A Picture of Ignorance (Audiotext)
Im flachen Land / In the flat Land (Photografie Artefact)
Installation 2013
Audiotext in 5 Chapters 30′
Photografie on Canvas, framed