Ein Gedanke an Aufstand – Das Haus (A Thought of Uprising – The House) III

R486 – temporary artist run space, ship container, Lagerstrasse 98, Zürich 19. December 2012

A travelling audioplay for various settings:
[…]She says that her fear and anger grew when she saw how the young woman at the pass control put a pink paper into her passport. She wanted a white paper. No, she wanted a white paper. And no, she says, she really was not in the mood. I just finally wanted to enter this country. This country where the house is, which I was so determined to find. The house, which I know by heart, but have never seen. […]



















[…] The audience observes a space that does not have a clear location. A space that could be anywhere and in which the form of an interrogation blends with a staging of an inner world. […]