Vor dem Grossen Auftritt (Before the Grand Entrance)

Shedhalle Zurich 15. June 2010

The voice from the off reads out a call to battle against the imperialistic powers which eventually refers to God as the creator of the nation. More than eight hours of audio material – in which an actress rehearses the text written by Nicole Biermaier in a recording studio – has been collected for the work. The text is a sampling of historical combat speeches. The artist draws a line through timephases, talks about the corresponding influences and consequences and addresses repetitions in history. The audio text is embedded in a dark stage-like room and resounds from the off. In the room, there are three women’s busts on a base illuminated by spot lights. These women stand for the protagonists of a planned, slowly developping and growing portrait, with which Nicole Biermaier intends to show the mechanisms of war, power and manipulation.